Sugar Grove Farmers Market Guidelines for Operation

  • The Sugar Grove Farmers Market hours are seasonally determined by management.
  • Any on-site concerns should be directed to the manager (Sarah Combs) or designee.
  • The Farmers’ Market site is located at the rear of the parking lot at Sugar Grove School. 242 Teas Road, Sugar Grove VA 24375 unless otherwise posted on the community website or associated community social media.
  • The Market Manager or designee will be on site during all open hours and events. Vendors should be set up and ready to sell items promptly by 9 AM. Vendors should remain at the market to greet customers and promote their items until closing time at 12 PM (even if items are sold out) All trash, tents and other items are the responsibility of vendors in each of their areas. Since there is no charge for participation, you must clean up your area.
  • Baked goods, canned goods, and on-site prepared foods must follow all Health Department rules.
  • Locally made arts and/or crafts may also be sold at the Farmers’ Market. All products must be handmade. Craft items will be reviewed and will be rejected if found to not be handmade. You may be asked for proof that the item is handmade. No flea market-type or yard sale items are allowed.
  • Vendors are required to abide by all laws and regulations regarding the sale of their goods. Copies of all required licenses and/or permits must be with you while attending the Farmers’ Market.
  • Smoking by vendors is not permitted on the grounds of the Farmers’ Market.
  • Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Vendors must cooperate with the Farmers’ Market Management and obey all guidelines. If a problem is reported or observed, a vendor will be notified verbally, and then in writing, stating the problem. Failure to respond to the problem will result in termination of the vendor.
  • NEW- As of 2016, vendors have the option of utilizing “Sugar Grove Farmers Market Online” at  Please note that the same rules and standards apply online as they do at the physical location. Vendors are held to the same standards for merchandise and conduct. Vendors are responsible for product delivery arrangements and collection of fees for items purchased. Vendors are also responsible for listing accurate information, descriptions, quantities, etc.
  • Management has established these guidelines. Any concern should be addressed to Sarah Combs at


The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is not associated with the Rye Valley Ruritans

Guidelines Revised 2016