Sugar Grove School Alumni

SGSAlumniAd2Sugar Grove School Alumni is a closed group maintained on Facebook that houses a variety of resources that are made exclusively available to our members.

Sugar Grove School Alumni serves past and present alumni as well as past and present administrators, faculty and staff members. We aim to provide a resource to the community and to this group of people by bringing materials and resources together in one common place where they can be shared and used freely among members.

This group was established in April 2014 and currently boasts a collection of yearbooks from 1950-Present and a membership of nearly 400 Grovers.  To date, a variety of alumni events are in the works as well as an ongoing search for the few yearbooks we are currently missing in our collection. You can view some of our public collection here.Sugar Grove School Alumni featuring over 6 decades of yearbooks

If you are seeking membership to the group, you need not be concerned about paying any fees for access. Only establish with the group administrator when you attended Sugar Grove School and you will be added. This usually involves a quick review of our yearbook collection or a consult with other group members who may be able to verify you are a member of their class and so on.

Sugar Grove School Alumni is a closed group and requires this verification due to privacy and the possibility of hackers on Facebook.

We also maintain a database of members accessible through the group. One of the first things we will ask you to do upon joining is stop by our form and fill in your information so that we may contact you in the event of a major alumni reunion or event. Most of the time a series of smaller events are organized via Facebook events and are discussed within the confines of our group thus they do not require any other form of correspondence.

To access Sugar Grove School Alumni on Facebook, click here. Please note that you must have a Facebook account to proceed with requesting access to our group.

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