Cellular Service

Cellular Service Efforts

May 10, 2016- Tim Long with Sunset Digital Communications makes a presentation to the Smyth County BoS detailing the process of bringing services to rural areas in Smyth County and services available. Long emphasized the importance of collecting interest from citizens in remote areas of the county. The BoS voted in support of this presentation and will provide a letter of support to Sunset in the future.

January 2016- Sunset Digital Communications purchases Opti-net fiber optic cable from BVU and begins requesting interest in broadband services.

March 2015-Sarah Combs gives presentation to BoS to include available properties in the community that meet the criteria for tower location and to recap previous work toward establishment of services done by the community.

February 2015- Smyth County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution at their recent meeting to accept a 199′ self supporting Rev G communications tower in Sugar Grove.

January 2015- Sugar Grove is moving into the new year and along the way, we have picked up recent coverage from WJHL that may have a positive impact on our community during the upcoming year. With more than one possibility currently on the table, things are looking up for us! We still need the continued support of all of those who are helping us along the way and I would like to especially thank the Rye Valley Community Council, Sugar Grove Lifesaving Crew and Sugar Grove Volunteer Fire Department for your ongoing support in these efforts.

December 2014- A new tower was recently activated in the Cedar Springs area just across the Smyth County line positioning it in Wythe County. The tower is another US Cellular tower. This is the second cellular tower that has been placed near Sugar Grove in similar geographic terrain with comparable population. The first tower is opposite this one and stands atop a ridge in the Volney area in Grayson County. It provides [limited] services all the way to Troutdale and within 5-8 miles of Sugar Grove.¬† Please continue to let your elected officials know that a lack of cellular service provided to the Sugar Grove community is no longer acceptable and as we move forward in a technological age where these services are more widely available, it is apparent that Sugar Grove has been left behind instead of brought forward with the rest of Smyth County and Southwest Virginia. Once again, I urge everyone to make phone calls, write letters and send emails to elected officials on this important issue. We pay taxes and there’s no reason some of the tax dollars cannot be spent in our community for a change!

August 2014- Throughout 2014, efforts to maintain contact with Delegate Campbell’s office and to move forward efforts to establish cellular service in Sugar Grove have become stagnant. Phone calls and messages have went unanswered and not returned. Meetings have been cancelled at the last minute and Sugar Grove, Virginia continues to be at a significant disadvantage in Smyth County and greater Southwest Virginia due to a lack of provision of these very basic services. Mr. Campbell–if you are reading this, I hope our community has repeatedly contacted your office and refocused some of your attention toward these efforts. I hope that our calls to your office will bring about action that will begin moving our efforts in Sugar Grove forward again and I truly hope that our community will be in a position by the next election to continue to offer you our support. You know how to contact us and you have our number.

Between Marion VA and Independence VA there is a complete lack of any cellular service for approximately 50 miles across several mountains. Sugar Grove in particular is cut off from the rest of the county because of the lack of any cellular service available; this hinders the community in that  it does not promote growth and increase in Real Estate, local economy, tourism, business or industry. Furthermore this has a negative chain effect on our community. If we do not work toward growth, we will be effectively left behind.

Having access to cellular service in the Sugar Grove and surrounding
areas would greatly improve the quality of life in the community and the number of available services to potential businesses that may want to locate in Sugar Grove and those that currently exist in the area. Additionally, we would have the added safety of having this service available when needed.

On November 1, 2013, a new tower constructed in western Grayson County on Bear Branch was turned on and now provides service all the way to Troutdale, VA. This community is approximately 8 miles from Sugar Grove.

It is our intention to bring cellular service and other necessary services to this community in Smyth County as soon as possible through bringing attention to the fact that qualifying Real Estate exists and is available within the area to meet or exceed criteria necessary for the construction of cellular towers. Let Smyth County Board of Supervisors know we are in need of cellular service by printing & signing a Letter of Intent and signing the online petition.

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