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Sugar Grove Farmers Market Opening Soon

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market will be opening soon for the 2017 season!  We have all new vendors lined up and some returning vendors from previous seasons! You won’t want to miss what we have in store for 2017.

If you are a vendor and would like to offer your merchandise at our market, please contact management at with inquiries and a description of the merchandise you’d like to offer.

NEW THIS SEASON, we will be offering hand crafted furniture from Duble A’s, USDA certified organic pork products from B&R Farms and a variety of other locally sourced items with more arriving as the season moves forward.

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market strives to provide locally sourced, high quality merchandise and create a high standard for both vendors and customers. This year is no different. You will find that our all new online shopping experience will make even more of the great products we have to offer available to you. This year, we are partnering with vendors from other local markets to broaden the variety of merchandise.

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market was established in 2013 and has grown exponentially since. The market began as a small setup at a physical location. As time went on, we found new ways to serve our customer base while working with vendors in a manner so as to grow the market and offer much more to our community. While we aren’t your everyday conventional farmers market, we are doing something good in our small rural community that will hopefully come full circle for the greater good of our community.

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is scheduled to open on May 15. Please check back for updates on how to shop!

All New Sugar Grove Farmers Market for 2017

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market, established in 2013 has been a major success in the community pairing vendors with consumers. Since 2013, we have seen several changes. We have moved from a physical location to an online location after having record turn out at our physical location events and after having been copy-catted by other organizations but we are still going strong!

Last year, we brought you the online farmers market experience. That was hugely successful for those who used it but it presented some hurdles for a lot of people as well. Over this past year, we have looked at those issues and taken every available measure to simplify the process. This year the farmers market will continue to be online however, it will be accessible to more people and will be more user-friendly.

The new Sugar Grove Farmers Market online will require management’s approval on new vendors however, vendors will find that once their items are listed, there will be an option to offer them locally OR list them in a broader marketplace to reach a much larger customer base.

The same rules will apply as have been applied before and those can be found here. The listing process will be much easier than before. It’s as simple as take a picture, upload it, set a price and write a description.

Over the past few years, our market has never charged vendors one penny to participate and sell items–we are keeping it that way! Vendors sell for free and keep 100% of their profits.

If you are interested in being a vendor, please contact management at with details about the items you would like to sell at our market.  This new online format presents not only a great selling opportunity but also a wonderful community opportunity to increase visibility and online presence, reach potential customers outside of the community and do it all from the comfort of your own home until the opportunity is available once again for a physical location.

We’re Open, Come On In!

We're open, come on in!

We’re open, come on in!

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market has been serving our community since 2013 and will continue to serve our community and the greater Rye Valley and Smyth County areas thanks to our new partnerships in 2016 with Locally Grown and our existing partnerships with the USDA, Virginia Grown, VDACS and our loyal vendors.

Last year, the 2016 season didn’t look too promising and our market faced several challenges that we needed to overcome, the main one concerning hosting the event at a physical location and without existing conflicts to benefit the community, vendors, organizations and businesses we were serving and supporting.  For the 2016 season, the Sugar Grove Farmers Market has taken on an entirely new face!  We are available online, anytime, anyplace, anywhere! is our new home!

Vendors are still able to keep 100% of their profits just as they were in the past there years of operations at the Sugar Grove Farmers Market. Customers can shop online, make purchases with free memberships on our website or even call in orders to vendors who offer this service and bypass having an account altogether.

The current Sugar Grove Farmers Market provides only locally sourced items that are of the highest quality. We select our vendors carefully so that you are guaranteed to get a high quality item when you shop the market online. Our vendors must adhere to our market’s existing guidelines concerning their products, food safety and other criteria designed to maintain a high standard.

We have been open online since April 2016, however, more vendors have recently listed items beginning in June to account for a majority of our merchandise currently available. We have a wonderful selection of cakes, pies, cobblers, jams, jellies, brownies, and breads provided by Four Seasons Bakery in Marion. These items are all made fresh to order and are available via call in or website purchase. In addition to these items, we also offer exclusive Sugar Grove themed merchandise, locally crafted items as available and books written by local authors.

Having an online market allows more vendors to participate and offer a wider variety of merchandise for our customer base. There are local pick ups and deliveries for those in the community. Other items may be shipped. All transactions are handled according to vendor preferences.


*The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is not Affiliated or Associated with the Rye Valley Ruritan



Online Farmers Market

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market was created in 2013 and has taken place during Spring and Summer months on the parking lot at Sugar Grove School. This location provided a great place for a farmers market in recent years however, we did face some challenges that made it difficult to operate at this location.  At this location, we only enjoyed one market day each month, weather permitting. Some Grovers expressed schedule conflicts or that they would like to see the market grow and expand. I am happy to say that these concerns have been addressed and that the perfect solution has been found for both!

Beginning in June, you will start seeing our market listed daily on our community calendar. You can access the Sugar Grove Farmers Market now online at to view the available items listed. Some items have limited availability, some are made to order and others are continually listed depending on availability and their vendors.  We are currently working toward getting new vendors and their products listed and expect many more items to be available to the general public soon.

This new online option works well to meet our community’s needs because it allows vendors to sell and deliver on their terms and those of the purchaser by working together. It still facilitates the support of local groups, organizations, farmers, individuals and businesses in the same manner the physical location did–this one’s just a little more accessible to a broader audience and there’s no setup, weather concerns or worries that people just may not show up–we’re always online!

Because we are going to be open 24/7, new vendors always have the opportunity to sign up and offer their products. Merchandise is still approved by management and examined for quality in order to maintain existing high standards. The same selling guidelines still apply to online selling as applied to physical location selling.

If you want to be a vendor, you simply need to go to our online market site and sign up as a “grower” to get started. From there, you will be reviewed and approved by management and your merchandise can then be listed. It is best to have photos of your items as well as detailed descriptions for each.

For the 2016 season, vendors will continue to keep 100% of their profits earned at the Sugar Grove Farmers Market.

The online farmers market concept is relatively new in our area however, the Independence Farmer’s Market decided to follow suit and give it a try as well. They have since been successful in their endeavors and we strive to do the same. Aside from bringing about a new experience in the digital age, this also allows vendors who may be committed to one market to also offer their merchandise at multiple markets maximizing their profits and production and also creating stronger local support for locally sourced merchandise.


2016 Sugar Grove Farmers Market

VENDORSThe 2016 season of the Sugar Grove Farmers Market is quickly approaching launch time and we’re ready to kick it up a notch this time around and offer many more options through available technology.

A necessity to review the success, operations and structure of the existing market taking into consideration other local events, community organizations and vendor concerns came about in 2015. This resulted in what should create a much improved experience for both customers and vendors who have enjoyed the Sugar Grove Farmers Market since its establishment in 2013.

For the 2016 season, vendors will have the option to sell their wares online via and customers can likewise make purchases online OR in person. Merchandise delivery terms are completely left up to the vendor. The current options are in-person pick up or delivery locally or shipping goods and merchandise.  We are also inviting other vendors participating at other local farmers markets to participate in our online market to broaden merchandise options and provide a larger vendor opportunity for the future success of our market.

If you are interested in using our online market, you will need to visit and set up an account. This is free of charge for the 2016 season just like our physical farmers market has been in the past. If you have questions you can e-mail Sarah Combs, Manager at

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market invites local businesses, organizations and individuals to participate and to partake in our opportunities for local business networking, to promote products and services and enjoy a community event.

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is not affiliated with Rye Valley Ruritans.


Advertising for Sugar Grove Farmers Market

advertising_1The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is nearing it’s 3rd year of operation now in 2015 with our last open date being set for September 26 on the parking lot of Sugar Grove School from 9-12.

Although our market has done quite well over the course of the past 3 years, it’s no secret that we have struggled in some areas. One of those major areas is advertising. During the 2016 season in particular, we lost access to our original sandwich sign that we placed alongside Sugar Grove HWY and Teas Road for . When the sign turned up again and use of it was re-established, it still was not made available. These circumstances resulted in some funds being raised and donated by local individuals to cover the cost of what turned out to be 3 full color banner signs. One 6×3 and two 3×2 signs. These signs have been proudly displayed for our last several market dates for everyone to see but there’s still some problem areas that need attention. For that, we are asking for the support of the community once again. Here’s a short list of our problem areas that need attention:

  1. Not all organizations in the community are participating in the Sugar Grove Farmers Market. Holding other similar events in the community with similar naming of those events has created quite a bit of confusion and is not good for the actual Sugar Grove Farmers Market.
  2. Location has been a matter of concern dating back to the beginning of the Sugar Grove Farmers Market. Our location at Sugar Grove School was intentionally selected to place more emphasis on the school and its importance in our community. Any other location for this community event would be absurd and draw attention away from our school.
  3. Partially for the above mentioned reason of location, we need extra advertising to make our market more of a success. We want both more vendors and more customers.
  4. There’s no overhead at our market so we permit vendors to set up and sell for free keeping 100% of their profits therefore, we don’t really maintain any sort of budget. At present, some funds are needed for a large scale advertising campaign for 2016 to run May-September.
  5. The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is not affiliated with any local community groups or organizations and therefore does not receive any assistance from said organizations.

Management at the Sugar Grove Farmers Market is open to suggestions on funding an advertising campaign or the donations to do so. This campaign will include but is certainly not limited to television ads, radio ads, newspaper ads and perhaps other forms of advertisement around the local area.  If we have any grant writers out there, your donated services are welcomed as well to help locate and procure funds for this project.

This is an exciting new step in the progress of our community’s farmers market and we need community support in order to make it happen.  Our cut off for fundraising is February 2016. Let’s go Grovers!

Another Positive Step for Sugar Grove Farmers Market

2015 banner signThe Sugar Grove Farmers Market was recently featured in Smyth County News & Messenger in a detailed article about our August 15 End of Summer Bash event.

This article done a wonderful job of showcasing our local community farmers market and I sincerely hope that you will click the link above and read it if you haven’t already and then consider stopping by to see us if you haven’t yet.

We’ve just landed another major accomplishment that will likely result in bringing a wider and more diverse variety of merchandise and vendors to the Sugar Grove Farmers Market. Our market was reviewed and approved to be part of Virginia Market Maker’s registered farmers markets. Click here to view our listing.

Market Makers was created in 2004 at the University of Illinois with the purpose of networking markets, fisherman, farmers, grocers, caterers, processors and consumers.  It is an ever-growing partnership of Land Grant Universities, Departments of Agriculture, and food and agricultural organizations investing in a coordinated effort to build a virtual infrastructure that brings healthier, fresher, and more flavorful food to the average consumer.

Market Maker is licensed to Riverside Research which is an independent not-for-profit organization. Riverside Research is investing in additional research and development to expand MarketMaker’s capabilities to new markets and regions, both nationally and globally. Virginia just so happens to be in the program and Sugar Grove Farmers Market is now a part of this!

Market Maker is guided by an advisory board made up of representatives from among participating partner states.

This new partnership will provide Sugar Grove with previously unavailable opportunities to network with other markets, vendors, and those who may be able to provide merchandise to our markets both locally and even from slightly outside our local area. This will broaden merchandise availability of our market and promote the kind of future growth that we have been seeking during the past 3 years of operation.

Sugar Grove Farmers Market is the first registered organization in our community but we would like to encourage any local farmers who have produce to also register because this not only networks them with our local farmers market but also other buyers for their wares.





*Sugar Grove Farmers Market is not affiliated with Rye Valley Ruritans

New Signs For Sugar Grove Farmers Market

2015 Market SIgnThe 2015 season of the Sugar Grove Farmers Market kicked off with a slow start but has been nothing short of an amazing period of growth and restructuring that has resulted in some worthwhile accomplishments that should be mentioned.

The market has gained some new signs this year thanks to donations of money, time and materials made available by supporters in the community. Sherman G. Combs, Jr. constructed the sign pictured above to replace the original farmers market sign after it was taken and not returned earlier in the year. In addition to this, our market was blessed with not one, but three brand new full color banner signs thanks to monetary donations from supporters in the community. 2015 banner sign One 3X6 banner was first made available then two smaller 2×3’s came to follow. These banners have served our market well since their unveiling during August for the last two market events.  The large one usually is placed on the fence across from the school’s entrance while one of the two smaller ones is displayed near the school’s entrance sign and the other in a yard along Teas road on the way to the market. The larger wooden sign that was hand crafted has been displayed between Sugar Grove Highway and Teas Road on dates that the market has been opened.

These signs will serve the community for many years to come at our seasonal farmers market and we would like to thank those supporters who donated to make this happen. It is much appreciated!

The previous market event boasted a record number of vendors that we hope will continue to increase. If you haven’t checked out the Sugar Grove Farmers Market yet, please do so before the season’s over. We are open every LAST Saturday, May- September, 9-12 on the parking lot of Sugar Grove School at 242 Teas Road. Vendors sell for free and keep 100% of profits.





*The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is not affiliated with Rye Valley Ruritans.

Sugar Grove Farmers Market Seeking Vendors

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market is re-grouping and seeking vendors for a few events to take place in the community throughout the rest of the summer and fall. These events will be announced at a later date when vendors and products are secured and confirmed. The market manager is asking anyone interested to send an email to with your information, contact, items for sale and availability.

Items sought for the big event include baked goods, handmade crafts, woodwork, eggs, produce, cheeses and more!

To assure vendors keep their commitments, there will be a $25 refundable deposit due from interested vendors whenever the event is scheduled. This will be refunded upon keeping your commitment to stock the Sugar Grove Farmers Market.

There will be no yardsale items. All items must meet the criteria set forth by management meaning it is local, handmade, homemade or new.  Please visit our market Facebook page for more information HERE.


Farmers Market Temporarily Closed Due to Non-Support

Last weekend was scheduled to be opening weekend for the Sugar Grove Farmers Market. It has been no secret that our market has struggled over the past 2 years and we didn’t expect anything less during it’s 3rd year however, at this time management feels that a new approach is necessary and must be developed in order for the market to be a success for the community and participants.

When no vendors showed up for opening day at the Sugar Grove Farmers Market customers who had been looking forward to the market were left holding the bag. In previous years, vendors had been asked to confirm their participation for the market’s open dates on the agreement that if they confirmed, they would be featured in the market’s seasonal advertisements. After the first year, tweaks were made to improve the process in hope that the kinks would work their way out. By the second year, vendor commitment issues were still a struggle for the market. This season, we approached a bit differently. Vendors and products were no longer individually advertised on market fliers. This was done to prevent what had been a major issue and complaint in the past–vendors and products had been advertised but more often than not, were not available at the market.  Customers were given expectations that were not met due to vendor failure to commit.

The Sugar Grove Farmers Market will be closed until further notice while management restructures the event, rewrites policies and determines better ways to make vendors more reliable so that customers can get the type of market experience that was intended. It’s really sad when you try to create and grow something like this in a community and it struggles because of a lack of reliable vendors until it has no choice but to close. Among other issues that need to be addressed–location is a top concern for management. The market will need to find another location on the main road from which to host events. The school’s parking lot provides everything we need and serves our needs excellently but the location is off the main road enough that new customers may have difficulty finding it and therefore will not deviate from the main road if they are driving through.