This website is made possible by your support and donations. These donations go toward the annual cost of the community website, hosting and domain name registration. Other upgrades to benefit the community website as needed are also charged to this fund.

It is our goal to raise at least $100.00 each year prior to November so that this website can be renewed for another year (or longer if a special offer is available at the time of renewal)  and continue to serve the Sugar Grove community, Smyth County and Southwest Virginia.

Donations can be made via PayPal, checks or cash donations. Checks should be made to the site administrator, Sarah Combs with “WEBSITE” noted in the memo space for record keeping purposes.

In addition to donations, we also conduct fundraisers throughout the year at the Sugar Grove Farmers Market offering special and exclusive gear that you can’t get anywhere else.  Any additional availability of funds after paying for the website annually may be put toward paid advertisements to benefit the farmers market, community activities or withheld for future necessary expenses related to the website.

Please consider making a contribution today to keep our website online and functional.

A financial summary of these donations can be viewed here in the form of a PDF file.


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