Neighborhood Watch Efforts in Sugar Grove

In recent months our community has experienced several minor crime waves that involved items being taken from parked vehicles left unlocked in driveways and out buildings as well as a few suspicious characters walking around after dark. These are all things that should heighten your awareness and bring about some concern not only for yourself but your neighbors as well.

Neighborhood watch programs are very effective in stopping would-be criminals but they are only effective when they are actively and regularly carried out. In the past, neighborhood watch programs just involved a basic phone tree. If you see something, you call a few people and let them know so that they get a heads up on what’s going down. Now we have more resources and information can travel much quicker via the internet, security camera footage and more.

Several inquiries have been made via the community Facebook page about a neighborhood watch. It’s been frequent enough that a group has been set up on Facebook for those who are interested in participating. Sugar Grove Neighborhood Watch can be found here. The group is a private group and is available to those who want to act in the capacity of neighborhood captains. Once we see how much interest there is in making this happen, and once we have an adequate number of individuals from neighborhoods in the community, we will then set up a page through which verified and validated information will be disbursed. The Sugar Grove Neighborhood Watch program will strive to stay involved with local authorities, EMS groups and sources of official information as well as keep in communication with various neighborhood captains in an effort to deliver important information about what may be going on in our community at any given point and time.

Those interested in acting as neighborhood captains are currently the only individuals who will have posting access on the Facebook group. Posts are read and comment only at this time.

If you are interested in this effort, please check out the Facebook group and request access.

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