Sugar Grove Yearbooks at Library of Virginia

Sugar Grove School’s yearbooks can now be accessed in high quality digital format on the Library of Virginia’s digital archives here. Sugar Grove School Alumni has featured digital yearbooks for several years on a facebook group however, that was not available to the general public. It has been a goal to make this collection available to anyone who would like to see it. Finding a proper means of doing that has been a challenge until now.

At this time, the yearbooks are partially available on this website and also available at the above listed site as a free resource. Many if not most of these yearbooks are no longer available at the school so there is even more of a reason to make them available.

Through this digitization project, anyone with an internet connection can access the yearbooks, search them and eventually, will be able to search the contents as the files are processed at LVA.

These images are of the highest available quality and hopefully will be enjoyed by everyone.

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