Artemis: A Potential Solution for Sugar Grove

July 2013, our community kicked off a series of actions in another effort to establish cellular service in the community. Although you may not have heard anything about ongoing efforts, this doesn’t mean that things have stopped happening. In fact, that’s far from the truth! Continual and ongoing efforts are being made each and every day. Every new opportunity and possibility is being personally run down and followed up on. Elected officials are being held accountable and are being engaged in this effort regularly. Those who haven’t been helpful in our efforts are being quietly avoided. After all, we do not need anymore stumbling blocks or barriers popping up for our community. Sugar Grove is moving forward so watch out!

An exciting new possibility that could present a potential solution for our community’s lack of cellular service comes from a company called Artemis Networks, LLC. Artemis was founded by Steve Pearlman, a pioneer in the technology industry. Pearlman has a history of breakthrough technology and is largely responsible for the newly developed pCell technology that Artemis is offering but is also the creator of the 90s internet giant WebTV.  The company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but by all indications, they wish to expand!

Artemis PwaveThe new pCell technology offered by Artemis provides creates full coverage for each individual cellular device within range unlike other broadcasters that may become crowded and weak once too many people are using it. (like the Verizon broadcaster available at Sugar Grove School)

Here’s how it works:  Cellular towers like the ones we are used to and are trying to establish here in Sugar Grove transmit signals that avoid interfering with one another creating cells from 50 meters to 3 miles in size. When mobile devices share this single large cell, they are only getting a fraction of the spectrum capacity. pCells on the other hand deliberately interfere with one another and combine in order to synthesize tiny pCells just 1cm in size. Every mobile device gets its own personal cell (pCell) and has full spectrum capacity. This means you get full service even if a crowd of other people are using the same service around you.

These pCell signals are transmitted by a small discreet fixture called a pWave that can be placed anywhere–on rooftops, buildings, indoors, etc. These devices can be placed in any pattern desired for the best possible service provision.

This new technology also works well in rural areas that experience poor coverage from conventional towers due to its versatility and keeps pace with mobile data growth while reducing mobile spectrum requirements. For these reasons, Sugar Grove may be the ideal experimental testing location for this product. The possibilities are endless.  Recently, Dish Network partnered with Artemis. Read more about this here.

Artimes has already been contacted for additional information about the useability of their product, further requirements and cost to operate. More information will be posted when available. We hope to hear from Artemis early in 2015 on some of these possibilities.

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